Great News

WGC will be opening next!!! week (12/04/21)

Once again, Thank You to everyone who has supported the club financially during all 3 lockdowns by paying their fees; it

is very much appreciated as we still have had our bills to pay and as most of you know we are totally non profit making and like everyone we were not expecting a year like this, your contributions have meant we have had funds available to pay our bills without this help we would not be in a position where we can reopen and looking forward to gymnastics in 2021

see you all next week!

please assume your class time is the same unless you hear otherwise if you have forgot please message Sue on [email protected] (current members only)

Thank You!!!

We would like to say a huge THANK YOU for a donation from Burntwood  Elite Gymnastics Club, a local club and an old friend of Walsall GC . Unfortunately due to Covid, they struggled to survive the last Lockdown and sadly have folded. Unfortunately, they may not be the last,

Thank you Burntwood.

Thank you for supporting us at a time of great uncertainty for many.

Your gift is greatly appreciated                                                                 

WGC are fortunate to have many supportive members.  If we have to temporarily close due to lockdown, our bills will still be the same. Please continue to support us so that we can definitely continue. Thank you.

Welcome to Walsall Gymnastics Club. We are affiliated to British Gymnastics and hold their GYMMARK award for excellence. This is endorsed by Sport England and is  equivalent to Club Mark.  

We offer gymnastics classes for girls and boys from age 4. We benefit from a very well equipped gymnasium, having recently received a £50 000 Sport England grant to improve our facility. We moved into our current premises in 2009, having been established for 35 years at our previous location. Since then our club has developed and grown in membership. We now have almost 500 members and are supported by more than 20 British Gymnastics qualified coaches and volunteers.

We are a non-profit making organisation, all proceeds are utilised to support our club development plan. Our goal is to provide quality gymnastics classes for all ages and abilities. Our most able and committed gymnasts compete in British Gymnastics NDP Grades and Regional and National Tumbling competitions.